Have you ever wished there was more of the Grishaverse to explore? Have you ever wanted to create your own story within the Barrel, the Little Palace or the oasis city of Ahmrat Jen?

Then step into the magic of World of the Grishaverse, a free-to-play roleplaying site which will let you live out all your daydreams!

Roam Fjerda, Kerch, Ravka, Shu Han, Novyi Zem and beyond. Learn your strengths, grow your abilities and form relationships with endless original characters. Sail on the True Sea, explore unique cities, and guard your pockets closely when in Ketterdam ...

It's time to make your Grishaverse story come to life!

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On World of the Grishaverse, we all have a love of the Grishaverse in common – and that's only the beginning! Within minutes of joining, you can get to know other users and create fun, like-minded friendships from all over the world!

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Have fun getting to know others and converse in the chat! What did your fellow Grishaverse fans do today? Have you seen any good memes? And did you hear the latest gossip?


Will your character explore Os Alta, sail through the True Sea or get lost in the Barrel? Perhaps they'll train in the Little Palace or have a date in the Crow Club! Everything is possible in threads; the only limit is your imagination!

Achievements & Levels

Collect cool medals and show them off to your friends! Gain experience, level up, unlock new functions, and learn new skills as you progress on World of the Grishaverse. With enough points, you might even win some sweet prizes!


Shop in Djerholm or Ketterdam! Feeling thirsty? Then buy some juice from the fresh food markets (or some kvas from the pub)! Going out on an adventure? Then make sure to equip yourself with some armour, warm clothes, or even some disguises from the Velvet Room before you go!

Hone Your Skills

Ever wanted to know how to throw a punch or shoot an arrow? What about ride a horse, sail through the Bone Road, charm diplomats or even pull off a heist? Under the tutelage of a Master, earn all the essential skills you need to survive and thrive on your journeys throughout the world.


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